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Special News : Come Home to You 30-day Challenge

What an insightful month January has been!

In crafting this new 30-day challenge for the School of Happiness, it’s been several weeks of research, interviews and intuitive design to best serve you.

This has included inquisitive conversation with over a dozen entrepreneurs and professionals. They revealed their best wellness practices that will be unveiled over 30 days to stay well during changing times.

This valuable information has led to a new initiative.
The Come Home to You - 30 day Challenge starting February 7th.

It is designed for those of you who want to take a deeper dive into your well-being in minutes per day.

I invite you to reflect on these questions, which are identical to those I posed during the interviews:

1. How have the past two years impacted the way you work, live and take care of yourself? What’s working, what’s not?

2. What would you like to be different / where do you want to get to / how do you want to Be/feel (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)?

3. What would progress/success look like to you?

The answer to that last question revealed more than I expected. A few people I interviewed said success to them equals more Joy, others said having energy left over at the end of the day, another expressed the deep desire to stop rushing all the time and to feel more at ease.

Our Come Home to You 30 day challenge was
created to target having more joy, more energy, more calm and to carve out me time daily in just 10 minutes per day.

This new Challenge commences on February 7, 2022.

Stay tuned to your inbox!
More details and an exclusive offer to our valued members will be revealed this weekend.

This challenge will help us all commit to Come Home to ourselves more deeply and have fun doing it!

Be well,