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Renew your Energy and your Life with Forest Bathing


A wellness forest bathing event

See below for details.

I love the feeling of renewal that the spring season brings. Every season is an opportunity for a fresh start. Spring equinox is the celebration of the sun’s return, of warmth, and of light. That warmth and light means that the flowers and trees will begin growing and new life begins again.

Nourish yourself. Get outside and connect.
Traditionally, the equinox was celebrated as a time to cleanse out stagnant energy within the self and our homes. You'll feel pulled toward starting new and exciting projects; it's also a good time to experiment with your creativity.

When we are in nature, our creative forces become more alive.

Getting outdoors daily is a ritual of mine. Getting 30 to 40 minutes of sunlight, especially early in the morning not only switches on our brain on in the morning but also help us sleep better at night.

Exposure to natural daylight has a positive effect on our circadian rhythms and optimal hormonal functioning.

How much sunlight do you need to balance your circadian rhythm?
It's best to spend between 30 and 45 minutes getting direct sunlight exposure into your eyes.

Your circadian rhythm thrives on consistency. Expose yourself to light (preferably sunlight) soon after waking. It will stop melatonin production, signaling to your body that the day has begun. For optimal vitality, do your best stick to a regular wake time and bedtime.

What are the benefits of morning sun rays?
*Our bodies rely on the sun to provide us with precious vitamin D.
*Heals a variety of skin conditions.
*Boosts natural immunity.
*Contributes to healthy bones.
*Supports healthy metabolism.
*Improves sleep quality.
*Exposure to morning sunlight results in greater alertness and a positive effect on mood.

Connection to Nature is the 4th element on our School of Happiness Wellness Wheel
Connecting to nature has a positive influence on our health, happiness and vitality. Looking around and walking in natural environments have been shown to promote positive emotions and have been associated with heightened physical and mental energy.

Spending more time in nature near trees and large bodies of water also promotes our antioxidant defense system leading us back into a state of inner harmony. Nature helps counterbalance prolonged exposure to our indoor electronic devices, along with wifi signals and other electromagnetic frequencies, which can have damaging effects on our health.

Photo: Laura with friends and School of Happiness members Gilles and Cynthia in Nanaimo, BC during a forest bath outing.

Renew your Energy and your Life with Forest Bathing
Join me Sunday May 15 for a Mindful Forest Bathing event. 

Connect to your own true nature.

What is forest bathing?
Forest bathing and forest therapy (or shinrin-yoku as the Japanese call it) broadly means taking in the forest atmosphere with all of your senses. It is the conscious and contemplative practice of being immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of the forest.

« Forest therapy isn't the same as exercising. It doesn't necessarily involve raising your heart rate as hiking or jogging would. The focus here is on the mental health benefits of immersing yourself in the natural world. It's essentially a chance to step back from the responsibilities of everyday life and simply be. »

Stopping To Smell The Trees
One way forest bathing works is through our sense of smell. Think of the aroma of fresh cut grass in the summer or the smell of the leaves on a cool fall day or your favorite essential oil.

We know instinctively that natural smells interact with our brains to produce an increased sense of well-being. People who spend time regularly in natural environments are believed to have higher levels of "natural killer cells," which are critical to the body's ability to fight off viruses.

Inhaling a natural smell works instantly to calm our scattered minds and restore us to a sense of health. And forests are full of wonderful smells — from the fresh green scent of the trees to the sweet smell of wildflowers.

Let’s gather together and celebrate spring!
This event I am proposing is infused with my own personal colors : yoga, breathing, mindfulness, love of nature, vitality, spirituality and happiness. It's about living in flow with the natural rhythms and tapping into our intuitive forces through the connection to the natural world.
Our time together on Sunday May 15th will be a shared time of rejuvenation and connection to our Self, nature and the beauty that surrounds us.
Together we will enjoy slow contemplative practices, invitations to connect to earth in solitude and time for sharing, celebration and experiencing the Joy of feeling replenished.

On May 15th, we will:
CONNECT to the forces of nature that nourish and inspire us to be creative.
DISCOVER how to manifest and enter into alignment with our heart’s desires.
ELEVATE our vibration of well being.
MOVE through slow flowing salutations to align our body, mind, heart and emotions.
MINDFULNESS walking and grounding to experience oneness with the earth.
CELEBRATE your renewal with the birdsong.

No matter your tradition or spiritual practices, this is an excellent time to celebrate joy and the rebirth of spring. With the dark months behind us, we can expand, grow and focus on the warmth and light in our lives. Now, as the Earth comes alive again, we can refocus our attention on renewal and awakening.

Join this powerful LIVE in-person outdoor event to celebrate spring

When : Sunday May 15th 2022
Time : 9:30-12:00 ET
Where : Parc Denommé in the township of Gore, Quebec
Contribution : $30. Your spot will be reserved when the payment is received.
Join :
Go HERE to join. 

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Maximum 20 people