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Members News – Take a Break!

Take a wellness break now.
Can you spare 5-10 minutes right now to restore calm and ease into your mind and body?
If not now, I invite you to come back later.

Taking better care of yourself is not selfish. It’s what we call self love.
Why is that important?
When we feel better, we do better.
Our mental and physical well-being is a daily practice.

When our minds are at ease and our bodies are well tuned up, we are more alert and energized to do anything during the day with greater ease and flow.

We are thriving versus surviving.

Thriving means being calm and steady, able to take things in stride, consistent PERFORMANCE, able to take feedback and adjust to changes of plans, able to focus, COMMUNICATE effectively, able to SLEEP well and have ENERGY to enjoy life and leisure.

Survival mode means something isn’t right – difficulty adjusting to changes, nervousness, mood fluctuations, activities and relationships you used to enjoy seem less interesting or stressful, easily overwhelmed or irritated, trouble sleeping or eating, muscle tension, low energy, headaches.

When we are not feeling well, our body-mind is saying
STOP and pay attention before the symptoms get stronger. Our body speaks to us through the language of feelings and sensations.

The GOOD NEWS is; micro moments during the day can help us stay BALANCED and WELL.
When a long workout or yoga class seems too much, try 10 minutes of stretching, walking or breathing.

Micro well-being habits throughout the day go a long way to keeping us CALM, CREATIVE and JOYFUL, which is our natural way of being until stress got in the way and wreaked havoc!

What is your body telling you?

TAKE A BREAK every hour and watch your mood, energy, joy and productivity soar.

When I feel my stress levels rising I have taught myself to take a PAUSE. Breathe. Smile. Express Gratitude. NOW.
I elevate my energy in that very moment so I don’t go too deep into the rabbit hole (where it takes longer to come back)!

I invite you to join me now for this short break for greater Well-Being and Happiness.
Close your eyes. Take 10 deep breaths. SMILE. Stretch. GO!

Your mind, body and heart will thank you.
Be Well. Be Happy. Be YOU!