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Members News – Mindful Living

Spring is in the air!

I invite you to take a moment to reflect on the first 90 days of 2022. January, February, March…

Who has made the most positive impact on your well-being and happiness?

Who helped you, encouraged you, supported you, loved you or taught you something valuable?

Now turn that question around. How have you served others in this way? Who have you helped, encouraged, supported, loved or shared something valuable?

Daily health and happiness habit
At the end of each day, I sit quietly and often ask myself these questions to start my journaling:
* What did I learn today?
* What could I have done better?
* Who did I serve/help?
* What am I grateful for?
* What can I celebrate?

I am inspired by great teachers who have made wonderful contributions to this world and I aspire to model their greatness by being the best I can be each day.

One particular teaching that shapes my life positively is the practice of mindfulness. 

Over the years I have learned how to be more mindful in every moment. Being present to how I move my body each day, what I choose to eat to fuel myself optimally, what kind of rest my mind or body needs, how I can love, contribute and communicate to friends, family, clients and even strangers I encounter.

Thich Nhat Hanh's greatest contribution to Western thinking was to inject the idea of mindfulness: to be fully conscious in the current moment. He believed mindfulness was the secret not just to happiness but to being authentically alive. Humans have a remarkable ability to exist outside the present moment which can lead to varying degrees of distress and struggle.

He taught that you don't have to spend years on a mountaintop to benefit from Buddhist wisdom. Instead, he says, just become aware of your breath and an inward smile, and through that come into the present moment, where everyday activities can take on a joyful, miraculous quality.

When we are mindful, we are more in touch with our inner compass which serves as a personal guide. Accessing our inner guide helps us make more informed choices and governs our daily actions in the direction we desire to go.

6 Mindfulness Exercises You Can Try Today
1.  Mindful breathing.
2.  Mindful movement.
3.  Mindful observation.
4.  Mindful awareness.
5.  Mindful listening.
6.  Mindful appreciation.

Try mindfulness while you eat
* Breathe before eating. We often move from one task right to the other without pausing or taking a breath.
* Observe your food, appreciate the color, texture, aroma and give thanks to the food on your plate.
* Pause, and enjoy each bite, savor the flavors and smile.
* Listen to your body. After breathing, bring your awareness to the physical sensations in your belly.
Eat according to your hunger.
* Practice peaceful eating. Never eat while you are upset or angry. (Intense emotions will disrupt proper digestion and you may eat more than you really need)
* If you don't love it, don't eat it.

How do you use mindfulness daily to enrich your life?

Be Well. Be happy. Be YOU!