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Exclusive offer to School of Happiness members

Good morning!

I am grateful for you and our School of Happiness members. As a community, many of us hold each other accountable and share resources to be healthier, happier and better humans. When we feel better, we live better.

I can’t wait to spend the month of February with you! This edition of the 30-day Come Home to You challenge is our Love edition which comes into alignment with heart month and Valentines day.

I’ll be coaching you and practicing right along side you. 10 minutes a day is all it takes.

Special Offer for School of Happiness Community
Offer yourself the gift of Love. ❤

Would you like to be a part of the first group who flows through this exciting program?

If the answer is yes, then it would be my pleasure to offer you a 50% discount to join us.

With much gratitude, I am extending this special offer to our School of Happiness members only.
Your exclusive coupon code is:
This code will give you 50% off when you join

Go to this link below for more information.

When you choose to Join, you will directed to our Challenge Creator App
• Choose New member (it is not the School of Happiness login)
• Enter your information
• You will get a confirmation email from My Challenge Creator saying You are Registered.
• Download the App
• The Challenge starts February 7th
• More emails to follow for those who register.

Feeling support, accountability and re-connection to ourselves and to other people’s stories is inspiring.

For 30 days we will be reminded, and we will learn, share and celebrate together.

Would you like to share this experience with someone?

This special discount code for your friends, family and colleagues to receive 25% off:

Registration is now open.
We launch February 7th
Welcome Home 😊

Be well,